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Peking Opera Masters Spring Festival Gala: Yang Yanhui Visits His Mother

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Yang Yanhui Visits His Mother
Yang Yanhui Visits His Mother

Presenter: Beijing Peking Opera Theatre, The National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts, Shanghai Theatre Academy

Leading Cast: Yang Miao, Liu Zheng, You Qi, Sun Huizhu, Shang Huimin, Shen Wenli, Bao Fei, Zheng Xiao, Zhang Kai, etc.

Venue: Theatre

Dates: Feb. 01, 2011 19:30

Price: VIP 380 320 260 150 80 RMB

Programme Introduction


The story happens in the period of Northern Song Dynasty.

The Yang Army fights a battle with Liao Kingdom. Captain Yang Yanhui, the fourth son of the Yang Family, is arrested by Liao. He changes his name to Mu Yi, afterwards married Princess Tiejing and has lived in Liao for 15 years. One day, the upcoming battle between Northern Song and Liao stimulates Yang's thought of his mother, which is noticed by his wife, Princess Tiejing. He tells the truth and asks her to help him get out of the kingdom. Yang promises to come back the next day. The Princess cheates the Queen out of the arrow that could be used as a token of authority and gives it to her husband.

Yang Yanhui goes hurriedly toward the Song military camp. He is captured as a spy by Yang Zongbao and sent to the general's camp. There he meets his brother Yang Yanzhao, his mother Mrs. She and his previous wife. At dawn of the next day, for fear that his departure is discovered and brings danger to the Princess, Yang Yanhui determines to go back to the Liao Kingdom. When he comes back, the Queen gets the news that her son-in-law is the generation of her enemy and wants to kill him. The Princess beseeches the Queen for mercy and at last sets her husband free.