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Lao She's Short Stories: Five Acts of Life

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Liu Courtyard narrates a miserable woman tormented by her father-in-law, husband, and sister-in-law came to the end of her endurance and hanged herself from the rafter.

Lao She's Short Stories: Five Acts of Life

Story: Lao She

Playwright: Wang Xiang

Director: Lin Zhaohua

Literature Consultant: Shu Yi (Lao She's son)

Lead Cast: Liu Peiqi, Lei Kesheng

Venue: Theatre

Dates: Jan. 01-09, 2011 19:30

Price: 2011.01.01-03 VIP 680 580 480 320 200 RMB

2011.01.04-09 VIP 580 500 420 300 180 RMB  

Media Reviews

Lao She's Five Acts of Life's premiere in Hong Kong is a tremendous success. Shu Yi, Lao She's son, says the play marks an epoch-making stride on Lao She's short stories adaptation as it reveals Lao She's genius in humor and in tragedy.

The Beijing News

The success of the new version Lao She's Five Acts of Life's premiere at the Hong Kong Arts Festival is beyond imagination- the theater is always packed with audience.

Beijing Evening News

The exquisite and delicate Lao She's Five Acts of Life applies neat techniques and stage design to highlight Lao She's unique humor strokes in laying bare social misery and his pity for human frailties. Characterized by Beijing dialects, the play unfolds a quality of plain, brutal, grave and profound.

Beijing Youth Daily

Five independent stories enriched in black humor constitute a colorful and engrossing play in virtue of exceptional scriptwriting, direction and performance.

Ming Pao Daily



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