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NCPA Original Drama: Jane Eyre

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Jane Eyre
NCPA Original Drama: Jane Eyre

NCPA Original Drama: Jane Eyre

Story: Charlotte Bronte

Director: Wang Xiaoying

Lead Cast: Zhu Jie, Wang Luoyong

Venue: Theatre

Dates: Dec. 11-12 / 14-23, 2010 19:30

Price: VIP 580 480 380 280 180 RMB

With a supporting point for the heart, everyone can be extraordinary, can love and be worthy to be loved!

It is the first time that Jane Eyre, a drama adaptation of Charlotte Bronte's novel with the same name, has been put on China's drama stage. Its China debut this June turned out to be a hit with all the tickets sold out in all the 10 sessions. Three influential media including Beijing Daily Messenger, The Beijing News and SINA.com all spoke highly of drama. Over 10,000 viewers enjoyed the drama where they shared the wonderful experience of smiling, crying and breathing together with Jane Eyre.


Jane Eyre's parents both died when she was a child, and she had to live from childhood with her uncle. After her uncle's death, her uncle's wife sent her to live in an orphanage where she suffered a lot. After she grew up, Jane Eyre came to Thornfield and became the tutor to the foster girl of Mr. Rochester, the master of the Villa. Though Mr. Rochester was mature and was very haughty, his soul was caught by Jane Eyre, a simple and pure girl, so they fell in love with each other.

On the day of their wedding ceremony, Jane Eyre unexpectedly knew that Mr. Rochester's wife didn't die but was mad and had been cabined in the manor, so Jane Eyre left the Villa.

In an outback place far from Thornfield, a pastor helped her to become a village teacher. Later the pastor asked Jane Eyre to marry him, but she turned him down, for she hadn't forgot the love between Mr. Rochester and her.

She returned to Thornfield, and found it had fallen into ruins. Mr. Rochester became blind, but he stayed and waited for her at the manor. Seeing this scene, Jane Eyre couldn't help throwing herself into his arms...