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The Facial Makeup in Chinese Operas

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The Facial Makeup in Chinese Operas
Lianpu is the plastic arts used for stage performances for Chinese Opera actors to painting on face for their performing...
What is it today?



Peking Opera mask, or Lian Pu, refers to facial designs for Jing and Chou roles. It originated from daily life experience, describing such changes of expression as white for fear, red for shyness ... Details >>

Attractive Peking Opera Mask

Chinese performer He Hongqing can change his facial expressions, and make up, on stage in a flash, but it's not due to skills learned at drama school. The man deemed China's fastest... Details >>Peking opera mask

Chinese Opera Face-changing

Through the dedicated efforts of numerous artists over a long period of time, the stagecraft of Peking opera has formed a set of stylized patterns concerning literature, performance, music ... Details >>

An Introduction of Peking Opera

Li Bao-chun and Sun Zhengyang in Fifteen Strings of Copper Coins, rehearsed in the National Center for the Performing Arts. Of her many trips across the Taiwan Strait, Vivien Ku remembers... Details >>

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