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Yang Liping and The Sound of Yunnan

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The Sound of Yunnan
The Sound of Yunnan

Everyday objects are all that's needed to make music in this two and a half hour performance.

Yang Liping said, "People should calm down, and listen to the sound of nature and life. You can experience the harmony between people and nature when a man and a woman play a piece of bamboo on stage. The feeling is pure. It belongs to our life itself. "

The Sound of Nature represents Yang Liping's childhood memory, a harmonious relation between humans and nature. A strong force of life is expressed through the theme of maternity. Yang herself appears in the three pieces. In one, she plays a pregnant woman giving birth and ends it with pas de deux with her niece who plays the daughter.

Yang Liping said, "Helping a woman go into labor is one of the oldest customs in Yunnan. When a woman is giving birth, all the women in the village play drums to show support and encouragement. Team spirit, kindness and care for each other are extremely needed today."

Yang Liping
Yang Liping

Unlike actors who perform their parts, these young men and women live their parts. All were plucked by Yang Liping from mountains and rice fields. Dancing is a part of their lives. They are living out their dreams and frustrations on stage.

An audience member said, "It's amazing. Very aboriginal. The performance matches its name well."

Sunday was the sixth and final performance of "The Sound of Yunnan" in Beijing's Poly Theatre, and fans didn't want to miss it.

An audience member said, "We bought tickets the moment we knew they were available. "

"We came from another city to watch the performance."

Yang Liping
Yang Liping

An Ting said, "From Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hubei, Zhengzhou, to Beijing, the tickets sold very well. Over 95 percent of the tickets were sold. "

Yang Liping has had a big following for years even before her original series that displays China's rich ethnic culture. "The Sound of Yuanan" is third after her first hit "Dynamic Yunnan" and its sequel "Tibetan Myth". After Beijing, "The Sound of Yunnan" will continue its national tour, with international tours being planned.


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